Op V.O.C. hebben de cricketers misschien wel het meest te maken met de beperkingen die opgelegd zijn om de verspreiding van COVID-19 af te remmen. De trainingen zijn weliswaar opgestart en er wordt nu een onderlinge ‘T10 competitie’ georganiseerd, maar de KNCB competities en het verdedigen van de Europese titel in La Manga tijdens de ECL vallen helaas in het water.

    James Seymour was een nieuw gezicht geweest dat we dit seizoen zouden verwelkomen op de club, maar dat kon vanwege de maatregelen helaas niet doorgaan. De Australiër zou de coaching staff en de selectie versterken in verband met het drukke schema van onze drie internationals Pieter Seelaar, Max O'Dowd en Scott Edwards. James won afgelopen seizoen in Australië de Jack Ryder Medal: De award voor de meest waardevolle speler van het seizoen in Victoria. Een korte introductie van de 28-jarige Australiër die we in 2021 alsnog verwachten in Rotterdam.


  • Can you briefly introduce yourself to the club? I am 28 years old from Melbourne and open the batting for the Essendon CC in the Melbourne premier competition.

    How did you get in contact with V.O.C.? I have played against Scott Edwards in Melbourne and asked him about the possibility of playing in the Netherlands. He put me in contact with the club and I agreed to head over for the 2020 season! Hopefully I can join the club in 2021!

    What do you expect from V.O.C. and cricket in the Netherlands? Good competitive cricket, hard training but most importantly lots of fun!

    Can you describe the disappointment of missing a summer in Rotterdam and competing in the ECL 2020? I was disappointed like a lot of other people who had travel planned! I watched a bit of the ECL last year and I’m sure it will be great to be apart of, fingers crossed it can resume next year!

    How have you experienced the past two months in quarantine? After the Melbourne season finished, I relocated to my parents farm two hours north of Melbourne, it’s been a fun time, Plenty of backyard gym sessions, chasing kangaroos and annoying my parents!

    As of June 6 I will be fortunate enough to be able to play for the Waratah CC in Darwin, The season thru to mid September will be streamed online so if anyone wants to check it out and watch some sport during quarantine might be worth a look!

    How do you spend your time away from cricket? I don’t spend a lot of time away from cricket, I’m a big cricket nuffy but I enjoy going to the beach, the gym, cycling and I’m a big AFL Aussie rules football fan. Go Saints!

    Can we expect to meet you in the 2021 summer? Absolutely! I’ve got flight credits I need to use so fingers crossed I can see you all at V.O.C. Rotterdam in 2021!

    Any final thoughts you'd like to share with V.O.C.? Best wishes to everyone at the moment! Look out for one another, Stay safe and I hope to meet you all at Rotterdam in 2021.


    Thanks a lot, James. We hope to see you soon!


    Maarten van Ierschot