• Cricket at V.O.C.

    Thanks for showing your interest in cricket at our club. If you want to play cricket and live in Rotterdam, you have found the perfect place.
    We'll give you some information about the club and membership.

    The Club:

    V.O.C. is a cricket and football club with approximately 1500 members of which some 170 play cricket. V.O.C. was founded in 1895. The club is very socially oriented with strong roots in the local community. V.O.C. has always been a great contributor of players for the national team.

    The vision:

    V.O.C. has developed a vision on Dutch cricket for the future and on V.O.C. cricket in particular. The vision consists of becoming a leading and sustainable cricket club with self trained and educated players and coaches. A professionally build up Cricket Academy is key to achieve this goal and will be the main focus for the future: a place where every cricket member of V.O.C. is welcome to get tailor made coaching from a professional coaching staff. 

    The yearly membership fee is € 343 for seniors plus an inital entry fee of € 60. To become a member you'll need to fill in this form:

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    If you have any questions regarding the club, membership or anything else feel free to ask us at verenigingscoordinator@voc-rotterdam.nl.